Saturday, September 16, 2006

Stu-di-oh yeah

Aaaah, it feels so good to have a productive studio session.

There are five songs on the go right now, and they are all coming together swimmingly. We tracked the bass, the guitars, the banjo, the mandolin, the drums, the flute, and now we're working on the vocals. It's really quite strange to hear your creations go from "baby" stage to toddler in a month and a half.... and there are no diapers in sight. This is my kind of motherhood! Bring it on!

Since I haven't said a thing about the studio itself yet, perhaps I should start. It's called The Gallery, and it lives in the basement of an artsy church in the Glebe. There are several reasons why this is a perfect arrangement for me:

1. Proximity!

The Glebe is the next-door-neighbourhood to my beloved Old Ottawa South. I can walk my banjo down to the studio in about 15 minutes, which is handy, seeing as how I don't have a car. Alternatively, I can also run home from the studio in the pouring rain, as I did the other night, and only get moderately soaked, as opposed to being fully drenched. I am in the lap of luxury, even if that lap resembles a puddle, a squishy shoe, or a very wet pair of jeans.

2. Inspiration!

When I say this church is artsy, I'm not kidding. It has its own art gallery (hence the studio name), a community of creative revelers, and from what I hear, they use all sorts of music as part of their mass. Full bands! I may not know much about church, but that sounds pretty cool to me. Reveling aside, the studio is an inspiration on its own. It is always littered with instruments, bottles of beer, paintings, snacks, and random musicians. And a giant robot art installation. I can't think of a nicer place to spend my time.

3. My producer!

Deaner, the ears and hands behind the sound board, is as nit-picky as I am when it comes to music. This is hard to do, since I am freakishly obsessive about tuning/instrumentation/rhythm oddities. I will literally lay awake at night if I'm having doubts about something we've recorded, or not recorded, until it can be altered accordingly, or scrapped completely. Luckily, after we finish obsessing, we can go re-hash all our decisions over a nice cold beer. I guess this means we never really stop obsessing, but this tells me that perhaps the album won't sound like ass. It also tells me that will be consuming a lot of alcohol throughout the recording process.

Soon, I promise, there will be some music posted for you to hear. But my technological prowess is not all that impressive, let's be honest. I still can't figure out how to change the way my links look on the sidebar of this page, and sometimes I still forget my password. My freaking password! Hopefully one day I will snazzify this blog up hardcore. Until then, you'll have to love me for my ability type stuff real good.


Anonymous said...

you do type stuff real good, angie. you do.
-your sis

Anonymous said...

1. I wish I could come to town and record with you in this Gallery.
2. My wedding is an all-pyjamas wedding.
3. Let's not go to the mall together.

You and your music are beautiful.