Thursday, October 19, 2006


I don't want to jinx myself by saying that things have been looking up a bit lately, but they certainly haven't been as crappy as I expected them to be. I hate to sound like such a downer, but I'm sure you have felt this way at some point. Things are cool, you're drinking your tea, eating your scone, doing your thing, and then BAM you walk into a wall or electrocute yourself or some shit and it all slides downhill. That was me, minus the electrocution (but maybe not the wall or the scone... certainly not the tea). Either way, a series of tiny happy things have poked their heads through recently and now I am feeling less like locking myself in my room to avoid more calamity. I hate calamity. I would rather face a few weeks in my room than have any more of it. But, in the spirit of staying positive, and in the spirit of Martha Stewart and her lists of Good Things*, here are some of my Tiny Happy Things That Keep Me From Calamity, in no particular order:

1. The knowledge that, sometime in the next few days, I will go to Ikea with my mom and buy a bookcase. I will then stuff this bookcase full of books, pictures, boxes and naughty magazines until I can see my floor. I will proceed to collapse in relief on said clean floor.

2. I have a roommate who howls, literally, in the shower, when she is happy. I grin like a fool when this happens.

3. When I get caught in the rain, my hair goes from being a bit curly to being psychotically curly. Lately, with all the rain, I've been doing double-takes in the mirror because I LOOK LIKE HEIDI. It's a hoot. Maybe next time I'll take a picture.

4. I am having my parents and my Bubbi (my Jewish grandmother) over for brunch this weekend. I love all of them and I never see them enough. I'm excited. I hope they like scrambled tofu, but then, who doesn't? Don't answer that.

5. I have the world's most thoughtful partner, who this morning made me a work lunch with homemade curry, fresh fruit, a Ritter Sport chocolate bar and a love note. Ohhh, I melt. Let's buy a fat puppy and run away together.

6. I wrote a new song called Industrial Sky.

7. I have a bottle of wine at home with my name on it. No, really, I wrote my name on it with a marker because there are so many bottles of wine in the house. Now I just have to drink it.

8. I just noticed that one of the aforementioned fresh fruits is actually a pomegranate. So, so cool. I don't think I've ever had a pomegranate for lunch. If we had a Sexy Lunch competition at the office, I would win.

9. My co-workers are awesome. Yesterday we had a lively debate on the word "irregardless," which we all agreed should not be a word at all, on account of its inherent stupidness (irony acknowledged, thanks). As was pointed out, the term is a logical absurdity, and those who use it should be pelted with French fries and gravy. I'm not sure why I chose those two foods, but the mental image makes me giggle. Irregardless. BAM!

10. Yesterday I sent a text message from a bathroom stall. The message said "I'm peeing right now." Later, the person who received the message said, "Oh yeah, I do that all the time."

11. I have a new article in the XPress today. I'll add the link on the side so you can have a look.

Not to get off track, but I'm going to get off track. This new article makes me think: how on earth did I become a writer? Like, not a prestigious writer, or someone who can write a book, but Someone Who Writes Things. When I was in high school, I was a decent writer, I could pass English class without showing up, but it was never something I wanted to DO. I wanted to play music, eat good food, and I liked fiddling with sound boards. I especially liked campus and community radio, which is why I suffered through a degree in journalism. But those sneaky profs taught me how to write during those four long years, and it seems that I have yet to stop. Amazing. Tricksy humans.

Tomorrow's post requires a heads-up: when the clock strikes midnight, CKCU FM's annual funding drive will begin. Please take a moment to sort through your wallet and make a donation. You can call or do it online, and if it's a decent amount, they will even throw in some CDs for you. This is your chance to give back to the station that broadcasts some of the best independent radio in the country. They need your help!

*I have a subscription to Martha Stewart Living. Shocked? It's especially funny when it arrives at the same time as my feminist mags.


Anonymous said...

I miss you and your super curly hair and community radio funding drives and amazing song titles and word validity discussions. Come visit sometime? This time the mattress on the floor won't take up my WHOLE apartment...and it might be warmer...


Andrea SK said...

Oooh, an invitation to visit... I'll be there with bells on. Literally. ~A