Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Sea of Squash

A casual comment by my roommate somehow summarizes how I've been feeling lately.

"I had the most whacked out dream last night," she said. "I dreamed I was swimming in a sea of squash."

How drowning in a pool of seasonal gourds ties logically to my own life remains unclear, but for some reason, her dream resonated with me. Perhaps it's because I have been craving butternut soup like nothing else this past week. Or maybe, on a deeper level, I find myself having to keep afloat in unfamiliar waters. What could be more unfamiliar than a squash when you are expecting an ocean?

Gourds aside, things continue to putter along. Last night, I bleached my hair with the same skunk stripe I have dabbled with since the seventh grade. I tried to have a serious, heartfelt discussion with one of my oldest friends while her little dog slowly and methodically licked my cheek.* I cooed lovingly over my Christmas cactus, which, to my delight, has begun to bud. I booked my entire weekend to spend in the studio, hopefully to wrap up songs that are near-completion. I lamented the fact that I haven't had the time or energy to write new songs. Are things exciting? No. Is that totally cool with me? Yes.

I am, however, looking forward to tomorrow. My little sister and her partner are coming to town for a visit. They live in Peterborough, which my other OTHER roommate has dubbed Peterboring since she moved there for its scintillating job prospects. Interestingly, I read an article last year that said Peterborough is the kink capital of Canada. Apparently it has more kink-based businesses per capita than any other city in the country. Could this be true? In Peterboring? If so, maybe my dear friend just needs to take a break from journalism and move into the custom-made paddle industry. Life would never be dull.

But, dramatic sigh, I want nothing more right now than to crawl back into bed, and upon waking, eat some kosher dill pickles.** Since this is unlikely to happen, I guess I had better just start my day. Maybe I'll buy some pickles on my way home from work. Aah, the little things in life...

*Eventually we gave up on serious discussion, ate crackers, and mopped my face dry.

** Love them. LOVE THEM.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,

You know once I was swimming in a sea of... oh lets say bubble tea, yeah. In this sea there were tapioca pearls and fruit jellies floating around, having a battle to see who belonged with bubble tea. There I was playing both sides taking huge bites of both tapioca and jellies along with gulps of bubble tea, mmm. I never did stay to find out who won, but it was the best three days I of my life.

Thanks for the great reading material, ttyl. Support CKCU