Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Can I just say....

I love Abe Books.

I'm sure you already know about this miraculous website, but in case you don't, allow me to explain.

It's a web site. About books. Many books. PILES of books. It's a database of used booksellers across North America. So when you need a book, you type in the title or author, and wait for the search results. Most likely you will find the book you need, or fifty of the book you need, for a very good price. Then you purchase said book, and wander away happy, if not slightly dazed.

Like today, for example. Now, don't call me obsessive, but I've REALLY been enjoying my organizational workbook from the potentially-fake-named author and organizing diva Meryl Starr. I thought I would give in and buy her other organizational workbook (but this one is for the home, not the personal edition) and so I headed down to the downtown Chapters to have a look.* There was one copy, and it cost $40. As strong as my urge was to purchase and run, I was able to recognize that $40 was a bit excessive for a book that would serve mostly as visual inspiration when things get messy. So I left, a bit deflated.

Later, I checked Abe Books to see if there was a better deal. I had a fair amount of luck with the site throughout university, when saving $50 on a textbook would drastically change my finances for the month. Sure enough, my organizing book was there for $5 USD. I kept poking around, and bought four Martha Stewart books for $1 each.

Excessive? Yes.
Exciting? HELLS yes!

This will be especially useful since I hope to finish all my Christmas / Hannukah shopping before December 1 this year. Realistically it will be December 2, because the Ladyfest Holiday Craft Sale is happening then, but I refuse to be running around two days before Chrismukah without my gifts. It's just not happening. I would sooner crawl under the tree for a week, listening to carols and surviving only on clementines.

* In defence of me going to Chapters, I feel fairly certain that Mother Tongue or Octopus Books would not be carrying Ms. Starr's (if that is her real name) products. In fact, I would feel dirty asking either to order them in. My guilty pleasure has no place in legitimate, independent book stores.

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