Monday, November 20, 2006

Used Clothing Extravaganza (Failure!)

Wow, two plans collapsing inwards in two short days. What are the odds? (High!)

First Craft Night fell through, replaced by delivery dinner and some bad television, and then the seemingly-infallible used clothes extravaganza died an awful death. My partner and I did actually make it to the used clothing store, which is impressive, considering how tempting it was just to lie in bed. Sadly though, the store was chaotic, messy and completely picked over. We almost bought some retro pillowcases, and then saw the length of the lineup. So much for that. No pillowcase is worth the wait, especially since we were both itching (literally) to leave. My allergy to dust, which had been the last thing on my mind before strolling in there, came back with a vengeance. I probably ran out of there, screaming something about needing to shower ten times over.

I didn't leave the weekend empty-handed, however. I don't know what's gotten into me (maybe a complete lack of sleep?) but I found myself dangerously attracted to a certain pink duvet cover and a certain set of chocolate brown flannel sheets. I very nearly stayed in bed this morning when my alarm went off at 5:30 am.* It was like being wrapped in.... chocolate brown flannel sheets. My originality knows no bounds! Stop me before I say something devastatingly clever!

(This is me, running away from my own vocabulary)

I also popped into a used CD store downtown, intending only to look innocently through the piles of music before making a graceful exit. Instead, I entered, nearly slipped in my own puddle of drool, and left with seven (yes, seven) CDs. The good news is that I got one CD for free because I filled up my points card from the store. The bad news is that you need to buy about thirty CDs to make that possible. And this is about my third card. I am a bad, bad girl.

And in other news, my beautiful Danelectro bass has found a new mom. I bought it about five years ago when I convinced myself that I was meant to play the bass, ignoring the fact that I usually play lead guitar in my bands, thus cancelling the need for me to accompany myself. I don't really listen to reason though, especially when it comes from, well, me. To be fair, I did love that bass to the ends of the earth, and I did take lessons for about four months. But watching it collect dust as each season rolls by is depressing, and when I read that Megan was shopping around for a bass of her own, I offered up my lovely for long-term loan. It couldn't be a better match.

PS: My new web site is being put together, and there should be a fabulous "Under Construction" page up soon. I will let you know, of course. Because I'm sure you can't wait to see that nothing is posted yet. Ooooh, the anticipation kills me.

*It hurts to type that. In the past, I have gone to bed at 5:30. How things change.


Jennifer said...

1. Thank you for loaning the bass to Megan so she can rock out with me.

2. I have those same sheets. They are possibley the best things I've ever owned.


Andrea SK said...

My pleasure! Megan is one of the rockingest people I know, and my bass really needed a new mom.

I agree; those sheets are enough to make me resent my coveted morning shower. I will never want to get out of bed again.