Thursday, January 11, 2007

Angry Burger

So I am kind of.... pissed off. It's been one of those days.

I couldn't get Blogger to work for a while, which seems to have cleared up. But after fiddling and fiddling to get a post up, one gets antsy, you know?

Then I bused my butt down to the south of the city to buy a facy-pants banjo pickup. This thing is lovely, but holy cow is it expensive. Anyway, I got to the store, was ignored by the salespeople, and finally managed to buy it. No harm done. I have since opened it up to see that I can't install it myself, lacking the proper tools for soldering. This means I get to bus my banjo down to the shop after work tomorrow, have them solder it, bus back home, get ready for a gig, and boot it to the cafe.

This sounds a whole lot like CRAPPY to me.

And then I made a lovely dinner for my sweetheart, and due to some miscommunication, finished cooking it and lighting romantic candles over half an hour before he arrived.

I feel like taking a long bath, or eating a large cake, or perhaps even smashing something with a mallet.

On a brighter note, when I didn't feel like killing someone, I filled out this little self-indulgent-all-about-you things that can really be quite fun. I borrowed it from Hula Seventy.

Two names you go by:

Andrea, Angie

Two parts of your heritage:

Russin Jew, Catholic Newfoundlander

Two things that scare you:

Big dogs, downhill skiing (and big dogs that downhill ski)

Two everyday essentials:

My notebook full of lists, my Filofax with the corresponding dates

Two things you are wearing right now:

Blundstones, silk longjohns

Two of your current favourite bands/artists:

Jose Golzalez, Karyn Ellis

Two things you want in a relationship (other than love):

Hugs, silliness (and possibly a French bulldog)

Two truths:

I think French bulldogs are totally adorable, and once I broke my nose climbing up a metal slide

Two favourite hobbies:

Cooking, sleeping

Two things you have to do this week:

Cook, sleep

Two stores you shop at:

Compact Music, The Wheat Berry

Two favourite sports:

Running (for the bus), dancing (does that count? because that's all I've got)

Two shows you like to watch:

Corner Gas, Trailer Park Boys

Two things you'd buy if money were no object:

A big old house, and rennovations to keep the house from falling apart

Two wishes for 2007:

That I can go to India this summer, and that I can can get my goddamn banjo pickup to work

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