Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oh. My. God.

They pulled it out. No, I take that back. They wrenched it out of my unwilling jaws. I am a bloody mess. Literally.

I will write a post when I am feeling less like a swollen, hurty, unhappy little muffin. Here is a picture of some heart-shaped cookies, because they are not throbbing and puffy.


Lesley Hoyles said...

oh, muffin. i feel very in pain for you. i've had 15 teeth total pulled in my life (don't worry, lots were baby teeth), and it SUCKS. hope you have someone to look after you.

l. xoxo.

Andrea SK said...

15?? How did you survive? My sweetheart is taking very good care of me, and I am well-equipped with chocolate Rice Dream to get me through. Obviously I will need more though. OBVIOUSLY.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh you rest up, my sweet. At least you get a good excuse to nap and get waited on! ;)

I know your pain. Dental implants hammered into my jaw and the afformentioned "Hey, that's ME you're stitching up, there!" feeling.

At least your gums will get lonely and therefore uninfected now that the little tooth gangsta is gone from the 'hood.

Much love,