Monday, February 19, 2007


Oh, so much fun.

I finished the mini scarf, as you can see...

It is my very first Knitted Project, and as such I am one proud momma. Plus it has an 'A' on it, for Andrea, in case I lose myself and need a hint or two as to my name and colour preference.* I sewed the buttons on myself, and of course Did Them All Wrong, which is why I improvised the extra 'A'. Now the corner doesn't flap around like a seagull, and I stay warmer. I think it worked out alright, all things considered. I've already signed up for another class with my Better Half and our fab knitting teacher. Next up? A slouch. (Is that really what it's called? Surely I read it wrong. I can slouch for free, without guidance.)

And although I fought off a pesky cold all weekend, my BH and I had a really great time away. Everything was as it should be: relaxing, sunny, and full of good food. We ate ourselves a few sizes up, I'm sure, and spent a sizable amount of cash on Indian sweets. I rationalized this by repeating to myself "You need to prepare for the REAL India, You need to prepare for the REAL India...." I'm not sure that made much sense to the people in line, but it made me feel great about trying every single flavour of treat I laid my eyes on. It's all about preparation.

However, I don't recommend renting a Hyundai Accent hatchback to go off gallivanting. Although it is small and cute by all accounts, it guzzles gas faster than I guzzle wine at an open bar. Did'jya know, Hyundai? Now you do. Please fix it, because we would have gotten home faster had we not been stopping for gas every five minutes. There is nothing more annoying than successfully passing the same slow car FIVE TIMES because of our gas-happy rental. Tiny does not equal efficient, apparently.

Here are some shots from the trip, in no particular order.

A giant thimble!



Ninja Bowl!

Spirally Thing!

*Some other possibilities include: Abracadabra (you heard me), Acephalous (particularly true), Agog (after a glass of wine, often), or Arthropod (not last time I checked).

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