Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Aim Lower

Last night I planned to make my friends an elaborate lasagna, drink fine wine, and finish knitting a scarf.

Instead, I drank most of the fine wine, made spaghetti, watched Bollywood films, and fell asleep on my knitting. Okay. I clearly need to aim lower, because I am apparently not feeling motivated enough to get my shit together. The evening was still wonderful, however, with the highlight being (no shock here) drunken Bollywood ad-libbing.

Yes indeed. My girls and I were exploring my Better Half's Bollywood collection (my goodness! there was no end in sight!) because we wanted very much to watch the musical numbers. The wild, out-of-nowhere, ecstatic dancing and singing in the streets musical numbers.* We didn't really have the patience for an entire film, which at times threatened to exceed the four hour mark, so song-surfing it was. Eventually we forgot to turn the subtitles on, and resorted to making up our own dialogue.

I would paraphrase it here, but it is wildly inappropriate, even without direct quotes.

Other than my miraculous lack of headache today, I am squealing happy that the weather is supposed to go up to 12 degrees tomorrow. SO HAPPY. All the more reason to finish that nice warm scarf I've worked so hard on.

My timing sucks. Just say it.

*At one point, one of the characters swaggers out of a car to fight someone who called him a drunk. After some distractions, he opens his trunk to reveal an entire liquor cabinet's worth of supplies inside. He fixes himself a beverage, and then goes back to his conversation.

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