Monday, March 26, 2007

It's Not Hailing. It's Thundering.

Summer. It's coming. I know this because it's raining like hell. Not snowing, not hailing, but raining. I'll take it - I'd rather be dripping than frozen solid. Generally.

But with summer comes a certain pressure. Time is limited, and it's too easy to spend the season thinking about doing Exciting Active Things before it's gone. And honestly, my last summer sucked pretty badly. Actually, the whole year sucked pretty badly. And I'd rather it not suck that badly again. Ever.

As you might expect if you've read this blog with any regularity, I've made a list. If I accomplish at least some of these things, I will feel a little less sluggish and a little more productive. At least, that's the plan. This summer, I vow (to try to maybe try to do a few of these things):

1. Learn squash.

When I was a wee half-Jewish child stumbling my way through Jewish summer camp, I learned to play tennis. And although I hated All Things Sport, I liked tennis a whole lot. Mostly because I got to play with the frogs that hopped across the court to their own detriment, but also because it is a pretty fun game. My sources have told me that squash is similar, but more fast-paced. I would like to give it a try. Hopefully I won't get blindsided by a ball/racket/fist in the fury of it all.

2. Swim.

When I was a wee half-Jewish child stumbling my way through Jewish summer camp, I swam sometimes. Usually I was avoiding other, more strenuous sports, which made me look like I actually liked the water. That wasn't exactly the case, although I did like that game where we would cover a watermelon in Vaseline and toss it around the swimming area. I definitely got bludgeoned in the head a few times, but I've turned out fine. Right? Either way, I would like to swim again if I can get over my paralyzing fear of wearing a bathing suit in public. I'll be bringing my Better Half so that I can a. hide behind him and b. throw him in the pool and laugh like a crazy person.

3. Put together a band for the CD release party in September.

That one explains itself. Uh.

4. Cook more at home.

I already cook at home obsessively, but somehow this hasn't stopped me from eating at restaurants more than my credit card would like. It's a weakness of mine. I know I have a problem. Maybe having a vegetable garden and a BBQ will keep me at home a bit more.

5. Use the vegetable garden and BBQ.

Umm. Awkward.

6. Do not get sunburned.

I'm lazier than I should be when it comes to my skin, and I seem to get badly burned at least once per summer. I'd like to get better at this for the obvious health reasons, but also because any tan marks will still show up on my pale skin for about six months after the initial burn. Usually I look like I've been run over by a train. Not exactly the evenly-browned look people seem to go for these days.

7. Drink more of those Mexican drinks with mint. What're they called? Delicious Beverages? I would like more.

8. Use my sewing machine.

I have a new, lovely sewing machine that is collecting dust as I type. I would love to learn how to use it. I would especially like to learn how to quilt. We'll see if I get around to that one. Maybe I could take a course? Or perhaps I could have another Delicious Beverage instead?

I suppose I should stop while I am ahead. Here's hoping I'll get at least one of those things done. Bet you it will be the Delicious Beverages.


Jo Stockton said...

I believe those drinks are called Mojitos? Maybe?

And if you ever want an introductory quilting lesson, I am actually an accomplished quilter. My price for a lesson is one vegetarian meal and an undisclosed number of mojitos...


Andrea SK said...

Oh, DAMN. Sold.

I will make sure to start drinking after I start cooking, or you may end up with a Mojito lasagna on a quilt.

Let's do it!