Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ask My Sister

It's a conundrum.

I can't seem to get my Better Half out of bed. I tried the first time and he said something like, "I'M AWAKE!" even though he was clearly asleep. I tried the second time and he said something like, "I'M AWAKE JUST ASK MY SISTER. ASK MY SISTER. I'M AWAKE!"

So now I will eat dinner alone, because even if he claims to be awake, I don't really want to get cannelloni on the sheets in some zombified stupor. For all I know, he'd pop out of bed shouting BRAIIINS and I'd freak out and drop my dinner on the duvet. Nobody likes that.

But it's not all bad. I had a nice chat today with the kind folks at Indie Pool who will be manufacturing my CD. They are giving me a much better deal than any other company I've found, and they understand deadlines in a way that makes me smile. They have also heard about my experiences with previous companies and they know how to avoid printing 500 faulty CDs one week before a CD release party.* They have given me great services for years, and I'm so happy to be using them on this project.

Plus my mom is coming into the studio this weekend to lay down some accordion. And my good friend Andi is stopping by to add some fiddle. I can feel my muscles easing as I type.


*Yes, that really happened. Thinking about it makes me cry a little.

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