Monday, April 30, 2007

Talk Cute

Things are getting messy, and by messy, I mean far more than just moving-in clutter. I mean my brain. It's a disaster.

I think I am trying to keep track of too much at once. My mind is overloaded and all my normal functions have gone by the wayside. Like walking upright, for example. I successfully slid down the stairs, pulling my muscles all to crap, simply because I was making a mental list and wasn't careful enough with my slippered feet. I have misplaced important papers only to find them in the laundry basket. I over-watered a plant so extremely that I managed to water my floor and CD case as well. I put far too much rum in my Mojito.*

But the insanity has been balanced with good things. I got to babysit my friend's dog yesterday. Sweet Lucy Magoo. If my brain wasn't on the fritz, I would have taken a picture of this gorgeous pup. She was great company, even though she made me itch all over and realize that I might be quite allergic to dogs. Oh well. When she stood up on her hind legs and attempted to hug me, I forgot that my skin was crawling and reverted immediately to baby talk.

Me: Ooooooh.... Loosie Goosie widdle puppin head! Youse da cuuuutiste weedle puppin I ever did see!

(I know. It's sickening. But I've never had a dog to myself, certainly not one who didn't try to eat me, and my cat tended to fall asleep if you talked cute at her. This was my one chance!)

Starting today, I will be living by my lists. I know I can get it all done if I methodically go bullet by bullet, crossing things off as I go. Now if I can only find my prescription for Malaria pills...

*Fine. That was not an accident. And I maintain the extra rum helped me clear the floor in Apples to Apples, which is almost as fun to play as Things. Almost.

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