Saturday, June 16, 2007


Here are the new shoes:

I don't have a new haircut to show you because I happened to take a look at my account balance after buying these babies. No haircut for me until next pay day. Ouch.

You know those mornings when you wake after having the strangest dreams all night? I dreamed that I was wandering around a huge shopping mall, in a towel, looking for a shower. Instead, I found a swimming pool that hadn't been cleaned yet. Suddenly I was in someone's kitchen. We discussed the pool. I went back out to find the shower.


Instead of delving too deeply into that one, I will show you the wildlife around my house. And then I will go finish eating the batch of cinnamon buns I made yesterday. And then, oh the irony, I will go watch my Very Fit Friends participate in a marathon.* To celebrate, perhaps I will come back and make even MORE cinnamon buns....

Happy Saturday, folks.

*The closest I get to marathons is my weekly treat at Booster Juice. They have a drink called Marathon that I don't hate, which is saying something, because I've been trying for ages to find a drink I actually enjoy there. Now I just have to make myself stop buying it so often.

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