Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Old Man

Things that we said over dinner:


"I can't believe you went to the airport high and then got strip searched!"

"The worst part is at the end when they tell you to bend over and spread."


"How do you make pie? I mean, really, I have no idea. How exactly do you make it?"

"Well... I start with flour..."


(In a completely different high airport story)

"So I started thinking: Maybe if I came to the airport sober, I wouldn't have missed my plane. But if I had missed my plane sober, I would have been freaking out. So it was all fine."


"If I get my dad's old car, we'll have to name it."

"How about Lucille?"

"No, that is way too cool a name for this car."




"No. It's like an old man's car. It's huge and white and from 1994."

"How about Old Man?"

"Yeah, I like that. That might actually stick."

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