Tuesday, August 07, 2007

That's How We Deal

It's shaping up to be one of those strange, wonderful summers. There is plenty going on, and at the same time, not much happening. I think I like that. Actually, I like it a lot. It helps me get things done.

To start, I had time this past weekend to do some tidying around the house. I figured any organizing would have to wait until mid month, but then there I was, suddenly in a quiet kitchen, with my Better Half passed out on the couch.


I quickly discovered two things.

One: If I am persistent, I can actually manage to hickey my BH. Gross? Maybe. But you try giving an Indian man a hickey and then tell me you don't feel a huge rush of accomplishment when you actually get it done. In the past, all I've managed to do is make it look like he got a tan on his neck. He just got browner. But now, it seems that dedication really does pay off. People are actually commenting. I thought I'd never see the day.

Two: I am much, much better at cleaning when I am alone. I can do small-scale tidying with others, but damn, I really turn into a machine when it's just me and the mess.

My proof is in the maniacal way I attacked my tupperware cupboard and related kitchen area on Saturday. This particular spot has been driving me bonkers, and I mean BONKERS, for a good two years. Always so many containers, so many lids, and no matches. I've tried, half-heartedly, to sort this out before, but to no avail. If I heard a constant flood of profanity coming from the kitchen, I knew someone was trying to put their food away.

This must be a job for Gal With A Weekend Off (And A Sleeping Partner)!

So, disguised as GWAWOAASP, I took out every single lid and container, matched them up, and recycled anything without a mate. I then organized our growing collection of glass jars into size and type. I washed everything. I washed the cupboard. I put it all back. I took a walk, bought a new dish drainer, and came home. I re-organized our pantry. I did the wash. I swept. I used more vinegar and baking soda than I thought possible. I ripped out the stash of cloth bags and folded them.

Then I fell asleep, because Jesus, I was tired. It's been a couple days since the cleaning extravaganza, and I still open the tupperware cupboard just to make myself happy.

Side note: I debated whether or not I should actually write an entire entry about how much I enjoy organizing tupperware. There is some debate about what makes a blog boring (which is allegedly mundane, everyday stuff) or exciting (sex, celebrities, pictures of boobs). Then it occurred to me that while I enjoy reading about sex, boobs, or celebrities who act like boobs, I also enjoy reading about the strange, everyday things that people do. Actually, that makes up approximately 95% of my blog reading.

And then I thought "fuckit!" and scooped myself some lactose-free ice cream. Because in our house, that's how we deal.

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