Friday, September 14, 2007

Gibson Mama

After work today, my Better Half and I scoot up to Toronto for an Event that we have been looking forward to for a while. I say Event because it's a rather complicated family occasion with an even more complicated name. It will, however, involve me wearing a very fancy sari, if you can imagine that. No, I'm not getting married.

I also met with the lovely Allan Wigney on Wednesday. We chatted about my album, the CD release party, and the difficulty of learning banjo when you are entrenched in your guitar-playing ways. The article will be in next Wednesday's Sun, if all goes well.

Yesterday my BH and I stopped by my parent's house to water their plants and play with the cat. This turned into a rather stinky mission to clean out the kitty litter for the good of all people who have a sense of smell. But in true form, my BH put me in a great mood after he absentmindedly watered a fake plant, causing the water to spill out the bottom and commence the un-gluing process. Let's not tell my folks, hmmm?

I brought the banjo in to be fixed up, and we'll see what happens. A loaner banjo has been offered up if the operation doesn't go well. Fingers crossed. While I was at Spaceman Sound (aka Alien Head) I played a 1963 Gibson acoustic guitar. My BH, being the charming and wonderful man he is, suggested I buy it, and then offered up part of his student loan to help me out. Oh my. I will not be using his student loan, but if the CD release party lifts my debt a bit, I might be a proud Gibson mama soon.

If I can locate a computer at my hotel, I'll try to give an update as to how many times I've tripped on my sari, how much Soma chocolate I've consumed, and how many CDs I've purchased at Soundscapes. Otherwise, see you on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

You are...where?

I imagine it's a weekend packed with family time? If you find yourself with time on your hands though, you know where I am!

Post a link to your newspaper article when it comes out!