Monday, September 10, 2007

Knackered? Spelling?

Whooooo... I am knackered.

I swear I was dozing off all day, head dropping on the bus, or at lunch, and promptly after dinner. I literally finished my last spoonful of soup, exclaimed "That was good!", and then passed out on the futon. I woke up later to peruse the neighbourhood garbages with my Better Half*, but generally, I was a zombie.

I also stopped into Compact Music downtown after work to see if I could snag back some of my tickets for the CD release. Last week they still had 12 tickets, so I thought I could grab five without much problem. Turns out they are already down to two. Exciting, but man... What to do with the kids who still don't have their tickets? The NAC still has some, and I guess that will have to do.

I suppose I shouldn't be up typing when I am so exhausted. Even my logic is stretching. Tomorrow is rehearsal with the full band, so I'll go rest up while I can.

*It's garage sale season, so sometimes we find great things. Two years ago during a heat wave we found a perfectly functional tall fan. Sometimes we get some interesting vinyl, such as our latest discovery: The Best of Elton John. It's always an adventure.

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