Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Love Her

Booo. Am feeling crabby. A bit of a sore throat, a disorganized room and numb feet have got me down. As did this conversation with my podiatrist:

Him: So when did the numbness start?

Me: April.

Him: I see. And it started when?

Me: April. It started in April.

Him: Ah. So in the fall?

Me: April. In the early spring, or late winter.

Him: So in June?

And then later -

Me: I'm also being tested for MS, in case the problem isn't mechanical.

Him: So how long have you had MS?

Me: Well, I might not... At least I hope not... I'm just being tested.

Him: So for a while then? When were you diagnosed?

(He makes a note that I have MS. I resist the urge to kill.)

I AM NOT EVEN SHITTING YOU! I had this conversation with a medical professional. Someone who is supposed to make me feel better. Now I have a pair of orthopedic shoes and (supposedly) a new pair of orthodics coming my way. Shall we take bets whether or not I'll show up and he'll hand me two baby ducks instead? Maybe he thinks I have a numb beak?


I did, however, attend a very nice songwriting class last night with the amazing Lynn Miles. It's kind of strange to have her as my teacher, since I've seen her perform in front of thousands and thousands of people before. It was good to hear her suggestions for songwriting when I explained that I have caught a case of writer's block. And it's not even that I have a block, it's just that my old songwriting system doesn't work anymore. I used to sit in my room in a mostly empty house, and play around on the guitar until I had a song. I would be in a zone. And it was a good, quiet place.

But now I live in a house with many people, and I share a room with my darling BH. This is all fine, except that I never get my "zone" anymore. There is always someone around. Someone wandering into my space. Someone listening. It makes it hard to write. Maybe I should rent a big storage locker and write in there. Anything to get my zone back.

She suggested I get a new guitar. I love her.


Lesley Hoyles said...

OH MY GOD. I have seriously, the EXACT same problem. I miss the system!!! And I can't afford a new guitar - plus, I'm not sure it would solve the problem...Sigh.

Andrea SK said...

We are up shit creek together baby! I need to find a new way to write, or I will be sooooo depressed. I let you know what else La Miles says.

Anonymous said...

Let's, the three of us (and Lynn Miles too, if she wants), go in on a time-share cabin in the country, so we can spend stretches of quiet, alone times up there. Away from space invaders, noisy boys and girls, and other clutter.

I'll wait for the telemarketer call that will tell us how to proceed.

love Shawna


Thanks for commenting on my blog because it led me to your blog which I am now enjoying immensely. "Baby ducks" har har. I suggest you go see another pseudo-medical pseudo-professional. As for your writing issues, surely there is some studio space you could share with other artists where you could get a few days or few hours to yourself? Or a friend's apartment where you could hang out when they're away or at work all day? If I knew you, you could hang out at my place. And we're veggie, too, so there'd be all sorts of good stuff to eat.

Andrea SK said...

Good idea about a studio space! I think my eventual move into an apartment instead of a shared house will help. Until then, I'll be channeling my creativity into baked tofu and torturing my sewing machine. Love your blog too!