Friday, November 16, 2007


I finally did it.

I pricked my finger with the lancet needle and tried to drip blood onto the appropriate sample. I sort of dribbled all over the bathroom, but really, I didn't expect to bleed that much. It's a good thing I was wearing dark clothes. And not to sound like a wuss, but ouch! I have a small, round purple bruise on my finger today, and typing is awkward. I have a whole new respect for diabetics who have to do this multiple times per day. Now I just wait a few weeks for the results. I'd better be allergic to something, or I will have wasted a perfectly good needle / alcohol swab / bathroom counter.

Although I was entertaining the thought of going to the Mercury Lounge last night to see the Souljazz Orchestra, I was just too tired to leave the house. All I can think of right now is my nice, warm bed, and the long nap I'm going to have tonight before I head down to the Ethics' CD release party. See what I'm doing here? I'm talking casually about how I'm starting to have a social life again after becoming Madame Hermit last year. But really, it's exciting. I love live music, and I love the alcohol that is served at live music events. I'll bring my camera along in case I do something spectacularly embarrassing. Because, of course, I love sharing that stuff with you guys.

Speaking of spectacular: I knocked another three Christmas gifts off the online shopping list yesterday. Have you all discovered If you have friends and family who don't mind getting gently used books, you should check this site out. You can get hardcover books for $1 US! I don't do math, but that's like, what, 80 cents Canadian these days? I never thought I'd see the day where Canada's dollar was doing this well. I might as well enjoy it while it's here. The timing couldn't be better.

Ciao for now, pumpkins.


Evey said...

Ethics CD release party: another reason I wish I had a fake ID.

Do you know where I'll be able to get their new CD? I heard parts on CBC radio 1 the other morning and I definitely will be picking one up.

Andrea SK said...

Good question!

I would think that they will have copies at both Compact Music locations... As well as all the other indie retailers (I don't do HMV, so I'm not sure about them). But if you have trouble, I live with one of them. I can always pass one your way.

Fake ID, oh fuck, I've been there. I always held on to my old ID cards in case my little sister every wanted to be naughty. Amazingly, she never took me up on it. Just join a band! They don't usually ask your age if you're on stage.


So now you're openly corrupting minors? I still don't think that's going to make you dysfunctional enough for the ESIs -- especially after winning awards and taking your own blood sample without passing out, knocking your head on the bathroom counter on the way down and sustaining a concussion. You know what? To hell with the ESIs. We should just form our own little elite, snob factor 15 clique of reasonably functional Ottawanianianian bloggers (minors welcome)

Andrea SK said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea, UP. The acronym is a mouthful (RFOB MW) but I think we can work with it. That will make it even more clique-y.

Evey, we'll sneak you into bars for our club meetings. We need at least some element of danger if we're only going to be *reasonably functional*.

Fully functional people meet in coffee shops. Or so I'm told.

Laura said...

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

You're such an awesome sister.

Love you,