Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Make It Up

I think I am allergic to my eyeliner.

I've used the same brand of liquid eyeliner for years. It's from the Body Shop, it's dark brown, and I've never had a problem with it. Until now. When I wear it to work, my eyes start to itch a bit, and then a lot, and then I feel like maybe I've somehow dumped handfulls of sand in my eyes because FUCK I'M ITCHY! I stopped wearing makeup all together to see what would happen, and the itching stopped. I tried a bit of concealer and mascara - no itching. I tried the eyeliner again, and I was suddenly on fire.

Okay. I'll obviously be switching brands. I'm not really a "makeup" kinda gal, but if you have problems with mornings like I do, it's worth putting on a bit so as not to scare the coworkers.

In researching my makeup conundrum, I found this site. You can look up your brand of makeup to see what harmful compounds the company uses. It will also check to see if they use animal testing. The site looks up your specific product for risks of cancer, developmental toxicity, violations and allergies. The results kind of freaked me out, because although I try to buy good quality makeup, I still have some cheapo stuff kicking around. Even some of my good quality makeup is not so safe, according to the site.

I think I will slowly start switching my products over to brands that are less harmful. And the site has an extra feature, so if you look up a certain brand of eye shadow, for example, it will give you a list of less harmful alternatives and brands.

I like.


Laura said...

A friend of mine developed an allergy to eye liner so had it tattoed on...looks awesome and ever so faint...doubt I could do that - but hey - no more effort in the mornings!

Andrea SK said...

Oh jeez... Getting tattoos on my back was hurty enough, but on my eyelids? Ouch! I've heard of that, but I have to admit... The very thought makes me squeamish. Maybe I'll just switch to an organic eyeliner pencil. Sounds pretty painless and itch-free.