Sunday, December 09, 2007


I haven't done much today, but I didn't come home empty-handed.

My Better Half and I took a long walk around the neighbourhood (exercise! fresh air!), did some groceries (brown rice cream! sounds gross, but tastes good!), and picked out some potential bulldog names (no joke!). So far we have thirteen good names, but really, we'll probably just make one up on the spot when the time comes. I have to be careful, because my first instinct will be to call him Squishy. Hence the list.

I'm realizing, as I do every year, that I will need to make an actual effort to enjoy the season before it's over. Christmas comes and goes so quickly, and I usually don't do half the stuff that I was planning. There are a few things I really, really want to make time for.

1. Wrapping presents. Calmly.

For some reason, I am often hurrying to wrap my gifts. This makes them ugly, crooked, and lumpy. I refuse to do this again. My plan is to make a batch of mulled wine, and do most of my wrapping before I get too drunk to find the tape.

2. Crafting. Calmly.

Luckily, I have kinda fulfilled this one thanks to Jo Stockton's party last week. I would still like to have an evening aside so I can make gift tags, cards, and finish up my knitting projects. I plan to make mulled wine and do most of my crafting before I get too drunk to cast off. (I realize that I have problems casting off when I'm sober. Don't mock me!)

3. Tree decorating. On a real tree.

As I've lamented before, my BH hates real Christmas trees. So first I have to get a tree myself, steal a car to bring the tree home, and smuggle said tree into the house. I will only make mulled wine if my mission is successful. Oh, and then I can decorate.

4. Dinner! Christmas style!

This is seeming less and less likely. I was hoping to have some friends over for a Christmas dinner, but agreeing on a date is like convincing my sweetheart to get a tree. I'm starting to wonder if I should have a New Year's dinner instead to bypass everyone's vacations. When we do pick a date, I will serve mulled wine and get drunk as fuck. I was also thinking of trying Tofurky for the first time, but I'm not sure I want to subject anyone else to that. It sounds almost as scary as a Turduckin.

Wow. That list exhausted me. Time for a nap! Evening, folks.

Edit: My BH has corrected me. He doesn't hate real Christmas trees, he just hates them being in the house. Dead.


Jo Stockton said...

In support of your Christmas Tree mission, I would like to offer my ancient-but-reliable station wagon as your tree-vehicle. As long as you don't crash it.


Andrea SK said...

I won't crash it, and thanks for the offer... I will only take you up on it if my plans for using a stealth plane or my parents' car fall through.

Do you suppose there's a Christmas tree delivery service?