Monday, January 14, 2008

Craft Room

I will soon be inheriting a craft room.

Wait. That's not really true. I won't be "inheriting it" as much as "taking over the rent." Also, it will be more of a craft/music/computer room. Or, Room To Store All My Storage, or, Room To Get My Creative Juices Flowing, or, Room To Nap When I Am Supposed To Be Productive.

It will have many purposes, anyway.

This is all very exciting for me, because I feel like I've gotten myself in an organizational rut as of late. I can't organize the things I have in storage, because they are in storage (!), away from my prying eyes. I can't just take it all out and sort through it either, because there is a lot more hidden away than I care to admit. If I took it all out, I would get lost in the piles and risk never finding my way out. Having another room means I'll have the floor space and the excuse I need to get moving on this.

Also, I have a lovely new sewing machine that I haven't used all year. No space to set it up, of course. Hopefully, with the craft room, I will be able to repair some clothes and probably make myself bleed a bit. I'm really hoping more for the "repairing clothes" part, although I am very clumsy with needles.

Cheers to the upcoming Craft Room, which shall never ever turn into the Craft Wasteland. Or so I hope.


Laura said...

Whoo whooo! I would love the space for a craft/escape room!!! That is the only regret I have on our lacks one more room!!!

Hope you are feeling better.

XUP said...

Yay - more room for "stuff". My solution to not-enough-room-for-all-my-stuff has always been to get rid of the stuff. So now I barely have any stuff and have to get more. Have loads of fun in your stuff room