Sunday, January 06, 2008

Topless and Crazy

I found a miscellaneous container of 12-grain hot cereal in my cupboard this morning. In the interest of decreasing the huge amount of food I have managed to collect over the years, I figured I would cook it up.

Now, the only hot cereal I have made, ever, is brown rice cream. It's a no-brainer kind of cereal. Boil and simmer, about 3 minutes total, and then eat. This 12-grain was a whole new beast. And I had no instructions to go off, having bought it in bulk at Kardish many moons ago.

I am now slurping down a very gooey, semi-charred version of what should be my breakfast. How do I manage to make elaborate curries, lasagnas, and desserts, but I somehow burn hot cereal? Anyone? Out of spite, probably for myself, I am considering not changing out of my reindeer pajamas and moping about the house. It will probably take the rest of the day to soak the pot I made my breakfast in, regardless.

In more exciting news, I saw the Darjeeling Limited last night.

I'm a huge fan of Wes Anderson, and I loved the movie. It was the perfect balance of morose and funny, and the opening scene (of part 2) with Bill Murray in an Indian taxi reminded me of every Indian taxi ride I've ever squirmed through. The scenes of Indian cities were fairly realistic too, although they were missing about 5000 people per shot. Twice I found myself recoiling in disgust, with each scene featuring either a "western style" Indian toilet, or a cramped sleeper train. My memories of the cockroach and rat-infested toilets/trains are too fresh to poke at yet. No poking. Got that?

Friends who have seen the movie seemed to enjoy it, but I'm not sure they "loved" it the way I did. If you are curious, give it a go. At very least, it's a good two hours of eye candy, what with the bizarre-but-beautiful Adrien Brody being all topless and crazy for parts of it. Oh, and the lovely Indian colours. Also very nice.



XUP said...

Ewwww. I wouldn't eat ancient cereal. It gets tiny critters no matter how well sealed it is -- spread some out on a white plate and see if you've got weevils. Also grains develop molds over time.

Andrea SK said...

Aw, boo. I suppose I could look at it as extra protein. Or extra disgusting.

stegan said...

I'm trying to imagine how many people hit the google searching for "Adrian Brody topless" and ended up here. :)

Andrea SK said...

Anyone searching for that is on a good and noble mission, in my eyes.... ;)