Friday, February 08, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Aw... I was scooped by Facebook!

I was going to write about the Exciting Music News tomorrow, but since a bunch of y'all wrote me today asking about this gig (including my guitar player, who I had yet to inform... oops), I might as well just spill the beans. Maybe a couple of you will still be surprised? I hope?

I have been asked by the lovely boys at Kelp Records, and the sexy peeps at CBC Radio, to play a show with the amazing Andy Swan on March 7. As if that wasn't crazy enough, the show will be taped and broadcast on national radio for Canada Live. (!!!)

Yah. I know. No pressure.

But holy, EXCITING. I'm going to make my fingers bleed with all the rehearsing this month. I realize that lately I've been making my fingers bleed anyway, but this time it will be productive bleeding, and not because I'm trying to make friends with my oven.

I'll be brining some of my boys along to join me on stage, so there will be nice harmonies and people to banter with. I like this. I think those of you who came to the CD release party were introduced to my love of deadpan banter a bit severely. I don't really know what's going to happen to my bantering at this show. The country will be listening, so I should remember not to say "fuckwit" or "shit hawk." Otherwise, I think I'll be fine. At least I'll have a new pickup in my banjo. If this pickup doesn't work, I'm giving up banjo and taking up mandolin.

If you'd like to come listen (and I would love to see you), you can buy tickets here (search for Andy Swan, I think). This will sell out, because it's the freaking CBC and freaking Andy Swan. And it's at the Elmdale House!

I... I...

I'm going to go practice.


zoom said...

WOW! Congratulations. That's sizzlin' good news.

Laura said...

WOW ----- AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!