Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It's federal budget week, which means that I went to work at 7am today to finish all the stuff that had piled up overnight. 7am! For me, she who hates mornings, that was too early. It was an unusually stressful day, but thankfully I left work early because of my brilliant start time.

Because I was a little dozy, I thought I was imagining things when I got a weird vibe from the man who sat across from me on the O-Train. I just looked out the window and minded my own business, not feeling up to any exciting confrontations in my sleepy state. But the feeling persisted, and I snuck a glance in the window reflection to see if there was a reason I was getting the creeps. The man was muttering loudly to no one in particular, which in itself is not terribly threatening (it's also not that unusual for my regular ride home).* But then he stopped, picked up the crumpled newspaper on the seat next to him, and took a big ol' bite. He chewed the newspaper slowly, lost in his thoughts, and then resumed the muttering. My stop was next, and I bolted as calmly as I could. It was probably nothing, and at the same time, getting gnawed on by a stranger is not my idea of a relaxing ride home.

Since then, I've managed only to nap. I have rehearsal in half an hour, and I am P-U-M-P-E-D, because yesterday's rehearsal went so darn well. We are doing a Bjork cover that I am madly in love with, even though it sounds nothing like the original. I suppose this is no shock, because I do not possess Bjork's talent, voice, or synthesizer. After rehearsal, I headed down to my second drum lesson, where I graduated from a practice pad to a full drum kit. You know what? Drums are way, way harder than I gave them credit for. But they are So. Fucking. Fun. My teacher is a real charmer too, because he does this awesome thing where I say something, he doesn't listen, and then he proceeds to say "yeah...." and then does fancy drum tricks because he says I'm learning too fast.

Hmmm. Problematic.

I hope the budget is being kinder to all of you. Don't worry. The week will be over soon. I've been telling myself that all day.

*Well, it's true. Have you ever met someone who was a magnet for loopy people? That would be me. I've always had this special gift. I like to think it's made me patient, if not a little loopy myself.


La Canadienne said...

OMG! (yikes, I just wrote omg... bear with me, it burst out of me.) You're doing a Bjork cover! I am so excited! Which song? I'm so upset I'll be in Europe during said concert! Ok, Europe will be pretty fun regardless, not gonna lie, BUT I am sad I am missing out.

A. & J. said...

lol A. says that he often feels like that. It's always the odd ball that sits next to him. He has found though, that when we wears his fluffy winter hat, no one sits next to him. He often wonders if he's the werid one at that point.

XUP said...

It's a yin and yang thang. Yins gravitate toward yangs and vice versa just to keep the universe in balance. (see - that's a loopy kind of new agey compliment)

Andrea... said...

LC: Let's just say I chose the Bjork song partly because it has a knitting theme...

A&J: Speaking of knitting, when I knit on the bus, nobody comes near me!

XUP: Tres New Age. A good explanation though. I've often wondered why I attract the ones that eat newspapers.