Sunday, March 02, 2008

Boxing Lessons


My Better Half and I have spent half our Sunday watching videos by this guy. Not a second wasted.

I woke up this morning after a long series of nightmares about someone trying to kill me. After waking up good and freaked out, I went straight down to the kitchen and made apple crisp. I feel marginally better. Perhaps I should make a second apple crisp, and invest in a baseball bat. And boxing lessons.

My BH and I spent a good chunk of Friday moving a friend of ours into a new house. Although everything was packed up nicely, there was still a fuckload of stuff. It made us realize that when we move into a new place, we don't want to be moving things we rarely use. There is no way in hell I'm carting my boxes of "potentially interesting" crafting supplies to a new house. It's time to either use them or lose them.

My dad's play was awesome. He retired from teaching last year, and promptly threw himself into every theatre project he could get his hands on. At first I was concerned, because he was twice as busy as he was when he was working full time... But it was obviously well worth it. There was even a klezmer band! And I understood some of the yiddish! And the house was packed!

I'm getting very excited for the gig this Friday. As a hint to those of you who might come... There is a potential duet in the works. Hell yes.

We're heading downtown for a walk in the sun. Hope you are all having lovely weekends.

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XUP said...

One of the best things about moving (aside from a fun new place) is the opportunity to get rid of absolutely everything that isn't vital. Be ruthless, then you can start with a nice fresh, uncluttered space.