Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Brain That Won't Shut Up (and other stories)

I woke up this morning at an ungodly hour and could not get back to sleep.

The second I opened my eyes, my brain started singing. SINGING. AT MAXIMUM VOLUME. My first thought was: "Where the hell is that music coming from?" and my second thought was: "Oh, it's my brain." Needless to say, it wouldn't let me go back to bed. (Also, while I was trying to shut my brain up, my Better Half turned over and said sweetly, "Are you all done your reading?" which made no sense but I told him I was and he kept sleeping.) I gave up, came downstairs to make tea, and now I'm sleepy. What the hell.

Anyways. This post needs to fit a lot of things, so I apologize if it's all over the place. Friday was a big day for me. I saw the first individual picture of my bulldog. He has a big ol' head and a wrinkly little body and he's PERFECT. I love him already. The breeder told me his name is Jonah, and although that's a lovely name, it's way too tame for my bulldog. New name to come. Wanna see a picture? Okay.

Aw, aw, awwwww....

Then I went to meet my new landlord, who is a charming man, and I got the lease for my new apartment. You may already know the lovely lady who is living there now, or her lovely neighbour. Needless to say, I am very, very excited. My BH is pretty thrilled too. We're both looking forward to exploring a whole new neighbourhood together.

Then, as you know, I got my hair cut off. That was fun. I actually have an awesome stylist, but since she lives out in the boons I'm not always able to borrow a car to go see her. Instead of waiting around, I decided to steal Megan and Jennifer's stylist for the evening. She did a great job. It's just what I wanted.

You may notice the boxes of crap in the background. We're having a garage sale today, and as such, the house is a disaster.

It was my Bubbi's birthday on Thursday. Can you believe she's 89? What a woman.

When my Better Half and I went to get her a cake, we asked the girl behind the counter to write Happy Birthday Bubbi on one of those wafer things. "Bubbi?" she asked. "Yes, B-U-B-B-I." I said. "B-U-B-B-I," she confirmed. Then she wrote this:


Bubbi didn't seem to mind, and she ate the wafer right up anyway.

Here are some overdue pictures from the sewing workshop:

That's my bag! I made that! Mostly by myself!

The rest of today will be spent getting ready for an afternoon garage sale, and trying not to fall asleep on anyone. I hope y'all have a great weekend.


Laura said...

WOW WOW WOW....the puppy is too cute for words...your hair cut is too awsesome and fun for words and well, yep, BITCH is a good word for that baker!


XUP said...

You're gorgeous.
Your puppy is the cutest thing ever.
Your bag is awesome.
The news about your new apartment is amazing.
Your Bubbi/Buddi rocks.
Your BH is weird.
The music in your head? Priceless.

Andrea... said...

Shucks gals...

M-A said...

Your bulldog is a blob! A cute blob, of course, but a blob. XD

Aw, your Bubbi looks as sweet and smiley as always. Tell her hi and happy (late) birthday from me!

Too bad you're not in Japan, I could give you sewing lessons. In fact, as I type, I have a friend chugging away at my sewing machine, making a super cute skirt. She's almost done!

zoom said...

Excellent post. I love your new haircut and your puppy is perfect. Congratulations on the new neighbourhood too.

You probably got that cake at the same place my ex got my son's birthday cake once -it said

Happy Birthd