Thursday, May 15, 2008

(Insert Witty Title Here, Because I Can't Think of a Damn Thing)

Hoo boy, I'm not being the most consistent blogger these days. My apologies. I've got a platter of Things That Must Be Dealt With Immediately that seem to be attacking my spare time. I'll tell y'all more after this weekend is done with. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to prove it.

The birthday was great. My Better Half made me breakfast, which was a miracle in itself, only because we never seem to wake up at the same time. He's either a few hours earlier than me or a few hours later. It was a pleasant change. Later on, we had dinner at Oz Cafe and I drank one too many fruity martinis. He got me some killer gifts, one of which involved a collection of skeleton keys that have been turned into jewellery. Too cool. I slurred my thanks. It sounded a bit like this: "Thankzzz baaaaybee... I luvs you." I've had a few of you ask what he baked for me... And I'll tell you tonight, because he's at home baking RIGHT NOW. I do believe I heard the word "fondue" escape his lips when he was immersed in recipes.

I was supposed to go to a SOCAN information session last night, but to be honest, the thought of spending my evening in a random hotel room learning about royalties was unappealing (although practical, I know). Instead my BH and I made a big soup and salad, watched crime shows on TV, and hung out with Rach when she dropped by to spread birthday/bulldog cheer.

I think good things are brewing, but they are hiding beneath all this CRAP I have to take care of in the next few weeks. Here's hoping that it all comes together.


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Here's a title for this post "Takin' Care of Crapness"