Thursday, May 01, 2008


I attended my first sewing class last night at Workshop on Dalhousie. It was very laid back, uncomplicated, and every single bumbling beginner left with a newly-crafted lined tote bag. I'll post pictures as soon as I stay awake long enough to upload them. God I'm tired lately.

A few words of warning: should you enrol in a sewing class and happen to not have a car, DO NOT decide to take your sewing machine ON THE BUS with you TO WORK so that you can go straight to your class afterwards. You will regret it immediately. You will drag your sewing machine in its cute carrying case all over hell's half acre. You will mutter profanities in the following places:

- from your house to the bus
- from your first bus to your second bus
- from your final bus stop to your desk
(insert the time it takes to field questions from your confused coworkers as to why you brought your sewing machine to work)
- from your desk to the bus stop
- from your first bus stop to your second bus stop
- from your final bus stop (which was much farther away from your class than you had hoped) to the class
- into a cab at the end of the night
- to your front porch, where you try not to throw your sewing machine against a wall

Sewing machines are heavier than they look. Every muscle in my arm is sore.

Regardless, the workshop was fun, and if you want a crash course in sewing for beginners, this is a good one. Three or four hours and one evening will get you pretty far. Workshop is also where I took my knitting classes, and they have some cool jewellery-making courses too.

While I was sewing, I caught myself thinking "slow down, slow down, slow down..." to the point where I was actually mouthing the words. It seemed so familiar to me, and it took a second for it to sink in, but I realized that I do the same thing during my drum lessons. During any lessons I take, actually. I tend to dive right in at maximum speed and then mess it all up. It seems that "slow down" has become my new mantra. Give it a try next time you're learning something new. It calms me right down, and besides which, it stops me from sewing over my finger.


A. & J. said...

i was just looking for a basic sewing class. I'll have to take a closer look into taking this one. Thanks!

La Canadienne said...

Oooh, I've always wanted to learn to sew/knit/be useful. How often do they start sessions?