Friday, September 29, 2006

Lesbians on Drugs


I kind of like bugs. As long as they are not biting me, or crawling all over me, I like to watch them run around with their millions of legs doing bug-like things. I realize this is strange. But even when I was in Colombia and found two little scorpions in my hotel room, I was more excited than freaked out. My lovely bunk-mate, Jill, said "What the fuck?!" at the same time that I said "What the fuck! Coooool!" In that same hotel room we found a morbidly obese caterpillar who really just wanted to hang out with us. We put him outside twice and he kept finding his way back in, really, really slowly. I thought he was totally awesome. I may even have named him, although it escapes me now. Maybe I just like Colombian bugs?

Now that we've cleared that up....

Today will be another super busy day at work, rewarded with a night of wicked music. Tonight Catriona Sturton, Sarah Hallman and Hexes and Ohs will be playing at Club SAW. Although I'm exhausted, I am SO looking forward to the show. I'm a big fan of Ladyfest Ottawa, and I have to miss part of it this year because of a quick jaunt to the lovely city of Montreal. That will be another story all together. I will try to catch as much of the festival as possible before I leave on Sunday, which, sadly, is also a day full of amazing workshops. I want to learn harmonica! I want to learn how to bike better! I want to learn knitting for boys! Or, alternatively, maybe I just want to watch boys knit. Regardless..

In case you doubt the awesomeness of Ladyfest, let me assure you that the Lesbians on Ecstasy show on Wednesday night was so fabulous that I forgot it was the middle of the week. Having one of my favourite performers, the amazing Nicky Click, open for LoE, was a complete treat. People, Ms. Click was wearing a UNITARD, and she was making it look good. A unitard, tall leather boots, and a gold chain belt. Hot damn! Watching her purr "I don't like it when you call me baby" was worth the price of admission. I wrote three stories on Ladyfest this year for the paper; I'll add the links on the right so you can check them out.

And to celebrate the fact that it's Friday, please watch the following video, curtosey of YouTube and my dearest friend Heather. It will make you love life a little more. It has certainly dulled my hatred of treadmills.

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