Saturday, September 30, 2006

Windy City a la North

It's true. I have spent all day in my room cleaning and I am EXHAUSTED. Who knew that sorting papers could be so draining? And, incredibly, it's not clean yet.

People ask me why I avoid the unpleasant, but necessary task. When you can fill a large house with the contents of your bedroom, organizing your stuff seems very unappealing. I now have five, FIVE arts and crafts boxes. You could also accurately describe them as crates. Large fuckers. They are now organized right down to the buttons. The irony? I have no time to do arts and crafts. I think my little heart is breaking.... fighting.... urge... to paint.....

Aside from the crafts, I have a guitar, banjo, mandolin and bass to store - along with their soft and hard cases. I have a small desk, a trunk, a bed, a stereo, and many, many, many CDs. And a bookcase. And plants. Clothing. Shoes. Filing cabinet. It's a lot for one room. Then I have to get in there to DO stuff. You see my problem. It's intimidating.

At least the first stage is done. And now: Montreal. I leave tomorrow for a very quick visit to my favourite windy city. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post from there, but if I'm sober enough, I will try. Otherwise....

See you all Tuesday.

Oh! And I have a gig on Wednesday at 7:30 at the Ottawa International Writer's Festival. Come on down, lovelies.

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Amanda said...

No..not 7:30, 7!