Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Experiment

Here, finally, are some pictures for you. I have been a little shy about posting photos because a. I tend to get carried away and b. For a while I couldn't get them to look the way I wanted. But let's not give up based on those two factors, shall we?

First, the love of my instrumental life:

Isn't she puuuurty? And next, what I found on my back porch after my roomies got hitched:

And last, but most fun, my dear friend Zoe trying to impersonate a pumpkin:

She is so good at that. But that is one scary-ass pumpkin. It has big pieces of felt all over its face! The stuff of nightmares, I swear.

This morning was wonderful. My partner and I made a huge brunch for my folks and my grandmother, and we ate until we literally fell asleep. WE SLEPT FOR THREE HOURS. Holy hell. Tonight my household is throwing a clothing exchange party, so I'm about to go clean like a maniac. Y'know. So we can mess it up with piles of clothes. There will be a colourful post about that tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!

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