Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mayhem and the Migrating Stole

Ahem. I introduce to you: Tales of the Migrating Stole.

A sighting in the kitchen!

And again on a man wearing pink ski goggles!

Above? Some casualties from the annual clothing exchange party at my house. That furry stole sure moved fast for a dead beaver. It made the rounds, trying desperately to keep everyone's shoulders warm. Poor thing. Nobody would take it home. I wouldn't even touch it.

We snacked on crackers and salsa, ate fresh chocolate chip cookies, drank wine, and plundered garbage bags stuffed to the gills with rejected clothing. It was a grand evening, although due to the shite weather, absolutely NOTHING like last year's party. Last year we had two rooms full of people and clothing, and our friends were literally playing rock paper scissor over prized items. There was even some screeching. Last year I scored an adorable little pink striped sweater. Things were different this time. This year I scored an adorable pink striped scarf and a brown cardigan. And some pyjama pants. And a teal tube top. And a table cloth with a rooster on it. And some clip-on earrings with LIONS on 'em. Why so much treasure? Because five people showed up.

Oh yeah.

Instead of being bummed out, we quickly recognized that the freezing rain and blistering winds were actually doing us a favour. Suddenly, there was no competition. If we liked something, we could have it. No rock, paper, scissor, hurt feelings, followed promptly with a shot of strong beverage and an expletive. This year, we all went home happy. Well, I was already at home. But I stumbled upstairs happy, after I watched some Harry Potter on the futon.*

So it was a pretty nice weekend, overall. I wore some of my new/old clothes to work today, although I totally broke the new clothes rule. You know, the one where you are supposed to refrain from wearing all your new/old clothes at once because they weren't really meant to be worn together? Yeah.... I got a bit excited this morning and DEFINITELY wore a badly-coordinated ensemble to the office. Thank goodness everyone was too tired to notice. I was certainly too tired to put my orthodics in my boots and spent the day clunking around without arch support. It's a sign that I am supposed to sleep more, probably. Maybe. I forget what I was saying about signs. Read them? Fuck them? Dunno.

Okay, time to fall into bed. Last night I dreamed about flashlights. What next, I wonder? Beaver? Oh, don't make me tell that joke...

Sleep tight.

*I watch Harry Potter constantly. I scored all the DVDs when I was in Colombia, and they were possibly the best purchases I have ever made. When I'm happy? Harry Potter. When I'm sad? Harry Potter. When I should be doing something else? You guessed it... H to the P.

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