Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Not-So-Wise Tooth

Little did I know when I complained of tooth pain in the last posting what a biatch (and I mean that in the most technical sense) this would become.

I am currently at home, sick from work, with a shooting, throbbing, swollen pain emanating from my newbie wisdom tooth. This is a strange thing for me - teeth problems, or mouth pain at all, really. I have never had a cavity and I rarely go to the dentist.... although I covet those free toothbrushes. (They are free! And bristly! It's like Christmas but less festive!) My infrequent visits usually last about three minutes because THERE IS NEVER ANYTHING WRONG. I know the routine off by heart. My dentist says hello, looks in my mouth and sighs.

Dentist: As I thought, no problems here.

Me: Great! (but in a muffled kind of way)

Dentist: Would you perhaps like some whitening? Or maybe I can interest you in some cosmetic capping? I notice you have a microscopic chip on this tooth here... I could take care of that, you know.

Me: I'm actually fine, thanks.

Dentist: (SIGH) I thought so. See you in a few years.

He really is a sweet man. He tries so hard. Anyway, so my wisdom teeth have been coming in slowly and ploddingly for the last five years. Generally I just let them do their thing and I leave them alone, accepting the occasional pain every four months or so as they push their way upwards. SLOWLY. So when one of my wisdom teeth started to hurt, I thought nothing of it.

Then it kept hurting. And kept hurting. And the surrounding area got all swollen-like. And got nasty red. And then all that unpleasant stuff spread to my gums.


Last night, the pain was pretty bad. I left the following message for my dentist at 12:30am.


They somehow managed to fit me in this morning, and I have since been prescribed a lot of drugs. My dentist kept saying that he was giving me a New drug that was Very Strong. *Knowing look* I'm not entirely sure what he was implying, because I'm not in the habit of using tooth pills for recreational purposes, but oh well. I appreciated the thought.

Happy Halloween, by the way! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post about tonight's activities: Our annual Dirty Pumpkin Carving Contest.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you can post a picture of this "knowing look" I am having a hard time imagining it. Anyways I hope that your teeth get better, I know how bad dental pain can be.
(Hey, is that a "knowing look" moment, nevermind).