Thursday, November 02, 2006

We Win

I know I left some things hanging when I name-dropped the dirty pumpkin carving contest and then didn't elaborate, but I was under the influence of Very Strong Drugs at the time.

Basically, every year on Halloween for the past five or six years my close friends and I have a contest where we carve pumpkins. Dirty pumpkins. As in, the filthiest, sexually suggestive image you can fit onto a pumpkin, which gets even dirtier after consultation with your team. Most often it's girls against boys, but it's always a guess as to who will come up with the dirtiest idea. And while points are awarded for filth, they are also awarded for creativity and artistic value. As far as an activity with friends goes, I highly recommend it. Nothing says friendly bonding like trying to make a pumpkin come.

In case you are still puzzled, here is a picture of the girls' entry this year. I call it: Rock the Shocker - An Ode to Peaches.

Obviously, we win. I assume there are no more questions.

My mouth is feeling a bit better, probably because of the aforementioned drugs, but probably also because of the scary mouthwash I have to use every day to keep the infection at bay. Aside from being fluorescent blue, it numbs my cheeks like a motherfucker, and tastes vaguely like death. I don't taste death all that often, but I don't recommend it. It's like gargling dish soap and gin.

And, since I never mentioned it, being in the studio this weekend was totally, totally awesome. The songs sound great, and adding a musical saw and a harmonica to the mix only made them more fun. It's strange to hear these little folk songs taking on a new life, but I couldn't think of a better way to spend the weekend.

Tonight I will be implementing the recommendations of my new book on organization - Personal Time (PT). It will take me a whole other post to explain that one. Until then...


Anonymous said...

What does the boys pumpkin look like? Does the other team know that you claimed yourself the winner?

Andrea SK said...

The boys carved something even LESS appropriate than a pumpkin shocker.... otherwise I would have posted pictures of it as well. They actually won for filth. We won for carving a very cool and very dirty pumpkin. So really, we all win.


Anonymous said...

I don't know.... from what I heard the boys pumpkin can be considered "cool-ing", and besides isn't it the dirty pumpkin carving contest, not the "cool and very dirty pumpkin" contest. So shouldn't the Dirtiest/Filthiest pumpkin win... I smell a setup.

Also, I have a this crazy urge to wear plaid and go cut down a tree...should i seek help?

Thanks Andrea,
love your writing