Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanks... for the pie

Thanksgiving weekend always promises to be busy, and this one was no different. It was, however, ten times more fun than usual.

I think starting a long weekend with a big loud wedding can be incredibly fun under the right circumstances. My circumstances included a lot of good wine, food, music, limited nudity and friends. It follows then that the wedding was killer fun. We danced all night to a great Zydeko band; the bride wore a washboard (the musical kind) over her dress; we took boob shots in the bathroom.... everything was perfect. We cabbed home and cared for those who over-drank. This was messy, but necessary. (For the record, I did NOT over-drink. I drank until I was happily making stupid faces at everyone I saw. This is different.) It was a good, good night. The happy couple is off somewhere in Mexico, and when they return, I get a brand new roomie/wife in da house.

From there, the weekend just flew. I did a lot of walking, taking pictures and soaking up the brilliant weather. I feel like Ottawa's Lowertown area is the perfect place to go exploring when the leaves start to change. It has a dreamy feel to it, like a sleepy antique cupboard or a haunted room. My father's side of the family has a long history there, and I have always felt an odd connection to those streets. A strange place to wander, maybe, but completely fulfilling. Fittingly, it was followed with a big dinner at my parent's house where I got to catch up with my grandmother, aka, Bubbi. She played board games with us into the wee house of the... evening. It was a lovely visit.

And now I find myself exhausted. Completely wiped. I am trying to eat my leftover eggplant rolls (my mother's kind substitution for turkey) but I keep nodding off. And according to the contents of my bag, I seem to have rented a dark comedy about nine gay men who kill each other. What? Perhaps a nap will clear things up.

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