Saturday, November 11, 2006

Food Glorious Food

Finally, some pictures from the engagement party we threw last weekend:

I know. The chocolate cake looks amazing. I can't take the credit, except maybe for decorating it with almonds. My partner is responsible for this masterpiece. But I did do some stuff. I sprinkled cinnamon on those sliced apples in the corner! Umm... and... and I purchased those gold chocolates with my credit card. And I placed those pumpkins on the table and chose the pink candles.

At any rate. There are no pictures from the actual party because I got drunk so damn fast, but the food is really the most exciting thing anyway. Off to the studio for a day of tracking the banjo and bass. Pity it's still pouring for the millionth day in a row. Gah.


Anonymous said...

mmm, such a good and delicious night that was, I am still salivating. But in all fairness, Andrea, you did help quite a bit. For example, you inspired the 5 layer dip, which was sooooo good.

We need another excuse to cook all that food again.
Why don’t we just cook all that food again…

Andrea SK said...

DEAL! Only this time, let's eat it all ourselves. We might die, but we would die gloriously.