Thursday, November 09, 2006


Whoah! The Gym doesn't suck as hard as I thought! I mean, seeing yourself at five different angles is intimidating,* but it could have been much worse. I was happy to see that there were very few people there.... probably only four, total... and nobody gave an eff what anyone else was doing. Although my co-worker gave me a little tour of the various machines, I was happy to stay on the elliptical machine for almost the entire time. With breaks, of course. And a mint chocolate bar waiting for me in my locker. And a table-full of martinis waiting for me at the Oz Kafe. They were real motivators, I can tell you that.

And sure enough, afterwards I gorged myself on chocolate and martinis and cabbed home Very Drunk. It was my first time to the Oz Kafe, and I loved it. My favourite part, aside from the alcohol, were the low ceilings. There were little signs in the bathrooms saying "Watch your head!" and "These ceilings sure are low!" But I don't know what the fuss was about. I couldn't have hit my head if I was jumping from a ladder.

I was meeting friends at the Oz Kafe to talk about weddings, specifically the wedding of one of my best friends, taking place next September. To my delight, she has decided that the bridesmaids can buy their own dresses in any style or make as long as they are a nice dark pink. NO PROBLEM. This I can do. I now have an excuse to buy a delicious pink dress, as though I needed one. For someone who spent their youth as a tomboy, and who still feels like one on the inside, I sure like stereotypical lady-tones. And for someone who didn't attend a wedding until sometime after high school, I sure like weddings.

I am starting this fun new thing at work where I get to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. So I might be posting half-legible, drooly entries for a while. How does one write a drooly posting, you ask? I won't lie - I don't know. But I will tell you if I figure it out.

* Honestly, mirrored walls are the last thing I need when I am sweaty, out of shape and wearing the same clothes I normally wear to bed. Way to mess with someone's self esteem. I looked like a wet, overheated cat in a Canadian Federation of Student's t-shirt.


W said...

Mirrored walls? Sweaty bed clothes? Wet cat?

Andrea SK said...

Hahahahaha.... HOT as in overheated? Absolutely.

Will said...

Hot as in HAWT