Friday, December 22, 2006

Oh Christmas Jew...

As of today, I am on vacation. An entire week of not waking up early awaits me.

This is good, because I have already started sliding into my old late-night habits. It took me half a day to destroy a month's worth of early rising. Like now, for example. It is currently 1 am and I have just returned from a kick-ass Lure show at Barrymore's.* Just now. Usually I wake up in a few hours.

My song went surprisingly well, seeing as how I spent quite a bit of time walking around the club looking confused until someone kindly directed me towards the stage. Luckily, Hava Nagila is a delicious tune and people were dancing before the first bar was over. Fun! The turnout was awesome too, considering that the freezing rain and crappy weather is more reminiscent of the apocalypse than a holy birth. I know I was cursing the weather before I forced myself onto a bus. I'm glad I made it out, but DAMN I do not take well to sliding all the way to the show and back.

At any rate, the gifts are bought and wrapped, the tree is up, the Hannukah candles are lit, and I am ready for the holiday. BRING IT ON.

*That band is crazier than a bag of hammers, and I love them. Anyone who wears long underwear on stage, and then does a coordinated dance routine in a Santa hat while playing guitar and navigating a maze of Christmas lights, is cool with me.

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