Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's Better Than a Movie

Christmas Eve. My roomie went out for a bike ride today because of the unusually warm weather, but other than that, everything is as it should be.

Each Christmas Eve for the past many years, we have had a little get-together with friends called Lesmas. It is a special sort of occasion to celebrate the birthday of our friend Lesley, and also to celebrate Christmas. Usually we hold it in a cafe, and come to think of it, I'm not sure why we ever bothered. This year we spent it at my house, eating goodies and drinking tea. It was far superior to the usual getting-kicked-out-of-cafes-because-it's-Christmas-Eve shenanigans. And it was so nice to catch up with everyone. Things change, but in the end, they stay the same.

Now I am waiting for my sweetheart to arrive (via bicycle) so that we can begin the festivities. My room is lit up with Christmas lights and I am plunking away at my banjo AND the guitar. It's like double dipping! So good, but so bad! I can't think of a nicer way to spend Christmas. Although I do wish I had a copy of Muppet's Christmas Carol. Mental note: Next year, I must purchase the precious DVD so that my holidays may be complete.

Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you all get racing cars and new socks.

PS... Feel free to re-gift any Muppet's Christmas Carol DVDs my way. I would trade my new socks for some Muppety fun.


Anonymous said...

Your guitar! I forgot to change the tuning back to standard...hope you weren't taken aback by freaky tuning...

You'll get that DVD someday...


Andrea SK said...

No, I should thank you! I've already written a new song with the wacky tuning! I love it! I'll never change it back.

Don't worry, I got the VHS from my parents. It's a Muppety Christmas after all.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Careful...alternate tunings can be addictive.

Enjoy Pdot. I'm back in Toronto. Not super happy about it. Hope you visit soon to brighten things up.