Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snow Day

So lovely.

I woke up this morning to more fluffy snow, so let's just hope it doesn't turn into demonic freezing rain again. I also woke up to the sweet sounds of The Gruff floating from my stereo, which is enough to put anyone in a good mood. My neighbourhood is really quite beautiful when it's blanketed in snow. These pics are from last year, but you get the idea.

My Better Half and I are making pancakes this morning.... If we can ever motivate ourselves to crawl downstairs. I'm determined to do SOMETHING today though, because yesterday was a total crapshoot. Aside from sleeping through most of the day, we woke up with NO HEAT in the apartment. Yeah, I don't understand it either. Nothing like cowering under the blankets because you can see your own breath in the room. Living in a Refrigerator 101.

The frigid air made us sluggish, to say the least, and we nearly missed the Ladyfest craft sale. Luckily we rushed in with ten minutes to spare, and picked up some cute gifts for my housemates. My goal to finish my Christmukah shopping before December 2 was almost realized, but I still have a couple more small things to pick up. I'm surprised I got as much done as I did, to be honest. It seemed to me to be the kind of goal that gets kicked around a lot, but never finished.

I'm off to the studio for a while, and then to the folks' house for some lactose-free lasagna. Mmmmm. I love Sundays.

I'm so relaxed I might even bleach my hair.

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