Friday, January 19, 2007

Peas in a Pod

I finally found my camera in the depths of one of my billions of purses. I was excited to discover some photos that I had forgotten about, but mostly I was excited to be able to photograph my latest and greatest find:

Oh, pink dress made of silky things. I will wear you when two of my best friends get married in September, but I will also wear you around the house when nobody is looking. I would eat you if you were edible. I love your flowy layers and the fact that you are made for someone with boobs. I will forgive you for this. You and I will be like two peas in a pod, except there will be three peas, because my Better Half will TOTALLY want in on that. Or maybe there will be four peas because he will be wearing a sexy suit of some kind that I will want to manhandle. Either way. There will be peas. Or pods.

Man, that makes me hungry.

I am off to eat some chocolate fondue. I will see you when I am fatter, uh, I mean, rested.

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