Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Things I Have Done Lately

(Stood on top of a mountain in Colombia, apparently. Moving on to the real stuff.)

Picked all the chocolate out of my trail mix at work.

Corrected the punctuation on a poster at the walk-in clinic.

Got hammered, lay down on the kitchen floor, and showed my Better Half and my roommate that I could do crunches.

Accidentally dyed my bath mat blue.

Watched The Breakfast Club. Many times.

Learned how to solder things. Promptly forgot.

Purchased a hot pink sweater under the guise of "work clothes."

Was given a gift of fabric with wee bunnies on it. Squealed! Because of the bunnies!

Re-strung my guitar with the help of my BH and only cut myself once in the process.

Resolved to buy a plane ticket to India.

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