Monday, January 08, 2007

Slept Two Hours. Thanks Asthma!

Good thing: I got a stellar belated Christmas gift from my Better Half (a beautiful Intellitouch tuner with a backlight; totally drool-worthy) and several belated Christmas gifts from my wonderful friend Heather (including another awesome Moosewood cookbook to add to the collection).

Bad thing: Went to bed at 11pm, but fell asleep at 3:45ish due to unexplained asthma attack. Seeing as how I wake up at around 5:30 am during the week, going to work was not an option. I really didn't want to call in sick and fought the idea until about 3am. Then I gave in. Working coherently on two hours of sleep is difficult at the best of times.

The asthma still hasn't gone away, and if anything, it's gotten worse. I'm going to boot it down to a walk-in clinic to see what's going on with my lungs, although I'm willing to bet our lack of winter and the unusually high level of mould in the ground has something to do with it.

I KNEW there was a downside to all this nice weather. Eff.

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