Saturday, January 06, 2007

Country Boys

Whew, that was a scare.

It WAS a roommate who took the notebook, not a psycho stalker or a house elf. It was also an accident, so I don't need to keep worrying that someone is determined to give me a heart attack. Done and done.

In retrospect, I still can't decide if putting my phone number inside the cover of my notebook is a good or a bad idea. Today, it seems really BAD. Mental note: It's scarier to lose a precious notebook and have someone try to find you than to lose it and not notice for a while. That way you assume you misplaced it, and you eventually forget. No harm done.

Tonight I had a Ridiculously Good Time. I went to a reunion staff party with some awesome people I used to work with, and we spent the evening reminiscing, eating sushi and playing Things.*

Oh, and we also perused our host's (ahem) adult reading selection.

That says Country Boys on the cover, and you know it. I didn't realise smut could be this bad, but I stand corrected.

And that is totally a nude man in a fake turban. Oh. My. God. Don't even get me started on the actual writing. There were adjectives in those magazines that I had to stop and think about for a LONG TIME before I got them, and that's saying something. I'm usually the first one to filth up a conversation.

As soon as I can banish the more queasy words from my brain, I will sleep. Please may it happen soon.

*Buy this game and play it all the time. You won't regret a single blissful minute of it.

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