Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Accomplishments. Possibly.

1. The scarf is done, even though it is half the length of a normal scarf, and is a bit wiggly!

2. The tickets for the India trip arrived in the mail! And so did my credit card bill. *Cringing*

3. I thought I had left the phone off the hook, but it turns out they just disconnected my service! Wait a second, that's not good at all.

4. I have been going to The Gym consistently without being bribed! (And did you know, because I didn't, that if you bounce around enough at The Gym, your chest bits end up being painfully sore? So much so that you spend the evening whining about it? Me neither!)

That's all for now folks ... Pictures of the mini-scarf coming soon. Happy non-Valentine's Day, for those of you not-celebrating with me.

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