Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow (Squall)

So Valentine's Day has come, and I have done my part by eating other people's goodies and making cocoa for my Better Half and I. We would have done that anyway, on account of our Deep Love of Cocoa, but I will pretend that I am playing along. Here I am! Behaving! I am not bitching about Valentine's Day! The thought hadn't even crossed my mind.*

Although I am now safely curled up on my futon, I'm still reeling from the short walk from the bus stop. We have been hit by a bit of a snowstorm here (okay, technically it's a snowsquall, but I DON'T CARE because they BOTH INVOLVE A LARGE AMOUNT OF SNOW) and although it could be much worse, it's not really agreeable for humans to muck about in. I even did errands in the stuff, sliding and stumbling my way through Centretown, squinting like a mole in the sun from all the blowing snow. I'm sure I looked Very Attractive in the process. Dumpy goose down and ten layers of clothing sure sounds sexy to me! Mmmmm, hottt.

For good measure, here is a picture that made me laugh so hard I nearly peed myself. Did any of you get a 54% in math? Because I did. And if I was a bit braver, I might have done stuff like this on more of my tests. (I'm not sure where the picture is from, or I would credit the site. I got it in an e-mail, and then the giggles took over.)


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