Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stitch and bit... What? India?

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I have exciting news.

We bought our tickets for India last night! Yes, my heart nearly stopped when I saw how much it was going to cost me, but there you have it. Done. Purchased. Debt, debt, debt.

It will be four weeks of craziness, and will probably involve me coming back forty pounds heavier of account of my Curry Consumption Problem* which is an embarrassing but pleasant condition involving me needing to be dragged away from India buffets. My Better Half can tell when the Urge takes hold and has mastered the art of tackling me before I go back for a fourth dessert.

But anyways.

I have another studio session this evening, but hopefully I can post something substantial when I come home. You see, wonderful things are afoot. I am learning to knit. Granted, my BH is still much, much better than me, but I am proud of my wiggly little pink scarf. And, may I just say, we have the Hottest Knitting Instructor Ever.** It's great motivation.

*This is a technical term, obviously.

**She told me I had "great tension" at our last class, and it took SO MUCH RESTRAINT not to make a totally inappropriate comment.


Lesley Hoyles said...

Where are you taking knitting classes?
And also, yay India!

Andrea SK said...

At Workshop boutique downtown... They are so great there. It's hard to focus on the knitting and not on all the lovely crafts and purses.

Yay India!

M-A said...

I'm knitting socks now! It's not so hard, easier than mittens, I find.

If you don't mind my asking, how expensive *was* the plane ticket? More expensive than Iqaluit? ($1600)