Thursday, February 08, 2007

You Knit What

Evening folks! I've learned to knit.

Soon it will be a pink scarf, even though it could be mistaken for a pot holder at this point. I never said I was good, but since it's the first knitted "thing" I've ever attempted, I'm pretty happy with it. Next up? Socks. Heh. I can't even imagine what those puppies will look like.

And yes, I know it's ironic that I have a blog called No More Decorators, and I love to decorate (I think knitting qualifies, no?). Go figure. I did explain myself in the first post, but it's probably more enticing when people have no idea what I'm going on about.

The canal is finally open! I took this picture on my way to the studio. It made me wish I wasn't so useless in skates. Really, totally ridiculous. I wobble around like jello on a beach ball, and then I fall in all directions at once. Immediately following this, I shuffle bitterly back to solid ground and drown my sorrows in Beaver Tails and cocoa. My mother still won't believe that I can't skate, and I hate to disappoint her, but it's true. I am a terrible skater.

A few more pictures before I pass out....


Anonymous said...

I want everything in those pictures.

And you.


(next week, yes??)

Andrea SK said...

Yes yes yes! Can't wait. I will be sure to bring you a wall and a table.