Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Deltoid Lives On Your Shoulder!

Who knew? My Better Half decided that I had better learn the true home of this mysterious muscle. This may be because I speculated that it was actually from outer space, but it may also be because he cares deeply about my education. I guess we'll never know.

I'm at home today due to some unscheduled queasiness. And although the queasy part leaves much to be desired, it does let me knit and eat soup while my tummy calms down.

My latest project:

Oooh, so fuzzy and warm. Just in time for spring. As far as I can tell it's been raining all day, but MAN it looks beautiful out there. Wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago that it was - 40?

I started putting together the 'album completion' math. Now, I'm not terribly skilled in mathematics (I got a 54% in my grade 11 class), but the numbers don't look great. I need to record three songs, including parts by guest musicians, within about four weeks. I also need to have the cover designed, the posters and postcards nearly ready, and the mixing taken care of. I need to do promo. I need to arrange mastering. And I need to do this all before the India preparations take over. Plus I work full time.

Holy Mother of God. I'm in trouble.

I think this happens just about every time I record. I plan and I plan, things go swimmingly, I get happy about it, and it All Goes To Shit. Oh well. Next week, I will buckle down and finish this thing.

After I do those other things I keep meaning to do.


Anonymous said...


I don't know if I know how to do any of those things you mentioned...but if I can help at all, let me know!


Andrea SK said...

I'll let you know if I think of something... But I will probably just be rocking back and forth in my room, muttering something about the merits of digipacks.